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Health Tip: Manage Emotional Stress

HealthDay News
by -- Diana Kohnle
Updated: Jul 13th 2016

(HealthDay News) -- Life's many changes can be stressful, which may harm your health.

The American Academy of Family Physicians advises:

  • Learn to recognize the first signs of stress, such as neck stiffness or clenching a fist.
  • Learn to let go of things you can't control.
  • For stressful situations such as a job interview, prepare as much as you can.
  • Change your outlook. View changes as a challenge, rather than a threat. If there are conflicts at work, try to resolve them. Don't overschedule yourself.
  • Find a friend, loved one or other trusted source to talk with when you feel stressed. Engage in an activity that helps you feel relaxed, such as a hobby or sport.
  • Get regular exercise, nutritious meals and plenty of sleep.