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The Donaldson Adoption Institute
The Donaldson Adoption Institute
This site is committed to improving the quality of information about adoption. The site includes a searchable database of 1,000+ adoption research abstracts, federal adoption legislation updates, materials from the Adoption & Prenatal Substance Exposure conference, bulliten boards, and surveys. A well-organized and comprehensive site!

Adoption.com, Inc.
The central location for adoption on the Web. Displays a featured 'Child of the Day', as well as a complete photolisting of children in need of adoptive parents. Among its other attractive features are various bulletin boards, scheduled chats,and a classified section. We also commend the site for its unique graphics photo displays. A star find!

Adopting from Korea
Roberta Rosenberg
This site was created by an adoptive parent to help guide others through the adoption process, especially those who are considering Korean and other international adoption. This simple and personable Web page leads you from making the decision to adopt to dealing with adoptive 'post-partum' depression (yes, it does exist). This is a great place to go to take some of the confusion out of adoption.

Community Internet Services
Adopting.org is a portal for all things adoption-related. Unplanned pregnancy, hoping-to-adopt, adoptive families, adoptees, birthparents, products and news are major category divisions of the site. This site provides information on adoption decisions and help in understanding adoption issues. Offers a quarterly adoption magazine and links to adoptive agencies and resources.

Martha Osborne
An online, international adoption site offering a number of articles about intercountry adoption and a bulletin board for subscribed members to exchange information and support. The site also includes waiting children bios that can be viewed with free registration.